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The Pure-glow Novo from Courts offers the perfect balance of innovation and style
. It features the very latest technology, this 100% efficient gas fire utilises catalytic technology to clean the emissions so that the hot air from the fire is cleaner than the air taken in. With no chimney or flue required and very low running costs, the Novo offers a perfect choice for the living room, office, study dining room or kitchen. This Novo is avliable with 3 individual trims so you can give the fire a new look when every you like

 Natural Gas
 Type Of Heat
Radiant & Convected
 Heat Output on High
3.4 Kw
Suitable Flue Type
Net Efficiency

Was £ 699
NOW ONLY £299.00
Ex-display Model one only -  Supply only as Installation would be extra - Ask in-store for more details

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