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For years we've installed heating systems in our homes and have continually been improving their design, appearance and efficiency. In fact, it is a modern day expectation that the central heating boiler is a smaller, sleeker more pleasant feature. Radiators are also expected to blend in rather better than their older bulky counterparts. They are now available in a huge number of sizes, can be fitted with side and top covers and finished in a white coating to improve their appearance.

Never more than now has it been more important to save energy – if only from the point of view that it can be so expensive and let’s face it – we have more important things to spend our money on!  Over the past ten to fifteen years improvements to boilers have helped raise efficiency levels from as low as 50% to up to, as high as, 96%.

Did you know it is now illegal to install a central heating boiler which has an efficiency rating of less than 78%?

Modern radiators are also a great deal more efficient. Their design changes are not just about making them pretty. They are actually more about reducing the amount of water flow through them in order to produce the same heat output and about improving the radiators ability to push more of that heat into the room. (i.e. cost you less to heat your rooms).

Both are aimed at reducing the amount of time your boiler is burning and in turn reduce your running costs.

At Morecambe Gas Showroom we are registered Green Deal installers.. This means we are authorised by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) to provide advice on energy efficiency.

We are one of the few central heating providers who is able to offer you the ability to pay for your new boiler on a monthly business.


   Replace your current combi boiler with a new Glow worm Easicom 28 kilowatt (A - energy rated) combi boiler 

                                            from under £40.00 per month (see example below).

Cash price £1450.00         Deposit £100.00         48 Monthly repayments of £37.50 per month        APR representative 14.9%

Total interest payable £450.         Total amount repayable (excluding the £100 deposit)  £1,800.00   

The above example illustrates a starting price. Prices may vary according to the amount of work required.   

We would be happy to talk to you about your energy requirements. You can contact us in the following ways:

Telephone: 01524 409398

Email: showroom204@yahoo.com


Click on this Get a quote link, provide us with a few details and then we’ll contact you.