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Boiler Replacements from only £1450-00

Purchase a new combi boiler from Morecambe Gas Showroom and receive up to 10 years, manufacturer backed warranty, from Only £1450.00 supplied and installed*.

* Price may vary according to work required.
You could be saving! 
Let's say you're currently paying £60 per month for your gas. - You could be saving £18 per month*.
Lets say you're paying Boiler maintenance at £16 per month - You could be saving £16 per month.
Your total potential savings could be:  £34 per month.
* 30% saving based on SEDBUK  figures when replacing a G-rated with an A-rated boiler. Under typical weather conditions. Average detached house.

Use the saving to help pay for your new boiler:

  Replace your current combi boiler with a new Glow worm Easicom 28 kilowatt (A - energy rated) combi boiler 

                                            from under £40.00 per month (see example below).

Cash price £1450.00         Deposit £145.00         48 Monthly repayments of £35.64 per month        APR representative 14.9%

Total interest payable £405.72         Total amount repayable (excluding the £145 deposit)  £1,710.72  

The above example illustrates a starting price. Prices may vary according to the amount of work required.  

We offer a new Glowworm Easicom 24kw condensing Combi Boiler to replace your existing Combi Boiler, complete with new clock and room thermostat, hot chemical flush and Inhibitor treatment from only £1450.00 including vat (Monthly payment terms available - Contact us or see above for details).

We also offer top quality condensing boilers from Baxi, Worcester and Vaillant, manufacturers synonymous with words like quality, excellent service and long life. The standard of after-care we are able to offer, in partnership with these manufacturers is second to none. Your boiler will come complete with up to 10 years guarantee which covers both parts and labour. (You must have your boiler serviced every 12 months by Morecambe Gas Showroom to qualify.) In some cases you can also apply to extend your guarantee at the end of the guarantee period.

We've listed below some of the reasons why you are better buying from us:

  • We only install quality boilers such as "Baxi, Vaillant, Worcester and Glowworm BOILERS."
  • Our boilers come complete with up to 15 years parts and labour guarantee.(Extra costs may apply).
  • Our highly qualified engineers will install your new boiler with the utmost of care.
  • We flush out the debris from inside your system and treat it with an inhibitor (slows down corrosion from inside the pipes) as standard and install a Magnaclean system cleanser, as an optional extra.
  • We install stylish compact radiators which are fitted, as standard, with top and side trims to give a clean, contemporary look.
  • We will install only Danfoss RAS-C Thermostatic radiator valves which have a five year guarantee.
  • We'll take care to ensure you know how to use your new boiler and controls.
  • We'll clean up after ourselves and take away the rubbish.
  • Our showroom is open 6 days a week, so you know you can contact us should you need our help.

Things you might want to know:

Q) What is a Magnaclean system cleanser?

A) During installation or as an addition to an existing system we can attach a Magnaclean System Cleanser to your  central heating system. The Magnaclean is a magnetic filter which is fitted into the flow of water inside your central heating pipes. It picks and holds onto the small particles of magnetised sludge. This means the sludge is less likely to clog up radiators or cause damage within your boiler. Manufacturers recommend them!

Q) Why should I pay to have the system flushed and treated with an inhibitor?

A) If a boiler was fitted to a existing or indeed to an new system and the particles of flux, metal and other sludge materials were not appropriately flushed out, they could cause severe damage to the boiler. This may result in expensive repair cost. Manufacturers can tell when a system has not been appropriately flushed. If they find this to be the case they may void the guarantee or at least charge to put right the problem prior to reinstating the guarantee. We at Morecambe Gas Showroom feel that it better to routinely treat the system at the point of installation. It costs more but it's worth it!

Q) Why would I want an extended Guarantee?

A) You can rest easy in the reassurance that you are covered for the cost of repairing your boiler (parts and labour) for the entire period of that guarantee. All you have to do to maintain the guarantee is to have your boiler serviced each year.

Q) What is a condensing Boiler?

A) A condensing Boiler is one which makes use of the heat which would normally escape through the flue by using it to help heat your house. This means your house gets warm using less gas. It's as simple as that. Condensing boilers can run at efficiencies of up to 96%. Compared to much older boilers which may running at around 50-55% efficient. Condensing Boilers are available as a combination boiler or as a conventional (regular) boiler.

Q) What Is the difference between a Condensing Combi Boiler and a Condensing Conventional (Regular) Boiler?

A) A Condensing Combi Boiler is a High efficiency Boiler which can supply heat to your radiators and can also supply heat to heat domestic hot water (hot tap water) as it passes through the boiler. There is no need, therefore, to store any hot water in a cylinder in your airing cupboard).

A Condensing Conventional (Regular Boiler) can supply water to heat your radiators and can also be connected to a hot water cylinder in order to produce hot water.

So, basically, the difference is the Condensing Combi Boiler heats water as you require it whereas the condensing conventional boiler heats water in a tank. You can run out of hot water with this method. You would then have to wait up to 40 minutes for it to re-heat.

Q) Is a condensing Combi More efficient than a Condensing Conventional (regular) Boiler?

A) There is no difference in the actual efficiency of an equivalent Combi to that of a Conventional boiler. A Qualified Gas Safe Engineer will be able to assess your existing system in order to determine whether or not your existing equipment is efficient enough to be used to best effect in conjunction with a new Condensing conventional boiler. It may be less expensive (in terms of capital outlay) to have a Condensing Combi fitted if additional work is required to bring other parts of your existing system up to the efficiency standard of your new boiler.

If you should wish to ask further questions or you would like to ask us to provide you with a quotation don't hesitate to  Contact Us.